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    I wrote about a hundred Sunday columns for The Washington Post as ombudsman, plus many blog posts on the “Omblog” (unfortunately no longer extant) and I’ll link to as many of them as I can¬† here. The subjects range from plagiarism and journalistic practices, to the perils and pluses of new and social media, to The Post’s coverage of politics, foreign policy, and local news.

    Here are most of the columns relating to the Post’s coverage of foreign and defense policy:

    • Why we hear tons about Iran’s nuclear research program but almost nothing about Israel’s stock of fully ready nuclear weapons. Click¬†here:
    • Iran may be seeking nuclear weapons, probably is, but no one has actually said that yet. Click here:
    • Does China have many more nuclear weapons than we think? Click here:
    • Why trying to find Navy SEALS who killed Osama bin Laden was legitimate journalism. Click here:
    • Covering Egypt’s revolution in Tahrir square required courage and guts. Click here:
    • Gaza conflict reveals the pain to both Palestinians and Israelis. Click here:

    More to come…..

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    1. July 2, 2013 at 8:22 pm

      Hi Pat,
      Great idea and good columns.

      One comment that might be constructive: Maybe this is great for mobile technology … but for my aging eyes, I find the type size & light coloration hard to see on the white background of the blog. Is there a way to go to the “Bold” version of the font at a larger size?

      I look forward to reading regularly! — alexis

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